The inbound marketing software that manages the online presence of companies

What is Hub Spot?

It is a marketing automation platform born from the homonymous company – founded in 2006 – based in Cambridge. It is the ideal solution for all activities that wish to improve their online position. In just over 10 years, this software has revolutionized the balance of online marketing. In fact, Hub Spot is the first software to promote the  inbound marketing software philosophy that is digital marketing that is based on the meeting of users’ interests and not on invasive advertising.

But what does Hub Spot Marketing Automation do? It is all-in-one software: in other words it is able to manage all the online activities of a company in an automated way. The services of the tool are not limited to the Marketing department; in fact also the Customer Care and the sales area will be improved.

To succeed online it is essential to plan your marketing strategy on multiple channels and coordinate all activities to the fullest. HubSpot performs all the following activities:

  • Website management, content production on the site and on Social channels to attract qualified traffic;
  • Email marketing with personalized and automatic newsletters;
  • Relations with the contact: from the moment of the first interaction to the post purchase phase;
  • Customer care;
  • CRM and data analysis to segment users and customize offers.

It is software capable of organizing all the digital activities of the company in an automatic and simple way. Will be able to manage contents that attract users, guide the potential customer towards the purchase and manage contact with the latter with an efficient brand loyalty activity.

HubSpot is a tool used by both SMEs and more structured companies. In fact, it can effectively manage both the start-up of online marketing actions of small companies and the optimization of already established strategies of more structured realities.

Let’s find out what are the features of HubSpot, how much it costs and why it is beneficial for companies.

HubSpot software: features

The tool provides 3 modules, with different functionalities:


With the Marketing HubSpot module it will be possible to create content that can bring more qualified traffic to the website. Here are its features:

  • Build a website optimized for search engines in order to be found more easily online. The site can be integrated with Blog, Landing Page and Call to Action specifically designed based on the interests of potential customers. The corporate blog is a fundamental part of the activity of generating new customers, for this HubSpot provides an intuitive editor that makes it easy to publish articles and monitors their performance on search engines. In addition to the Blog, Landing Page and Call to Action buttons are also essential. These pages are designed to entice the user to release their useful data in the appropriate contact form in exchange for free content such as e-books, videos or guides that may interest them;
  • Create valid and search engine optimized content to attract qualified traffic to your website. The contents are created following the winning Content inbound Marketing  software logic and are optimized thanks to HubSpot in SEO;
  • Choose the best keywords to get the attention of potential users interested in your services;
  • Manage the interaction between website and Social Media to attract potential customers also from these channels. The contents of the blog can be published automatically on the Social networks, besides it is possible to schedule the automatic periodic publication of contents;
  • Convert website visits into qualified contacts and potential customers through automatically generated contact forms;
  • Analyze the data collected and the website performance with automated reports that highlight what could be optimized.


With the HubSpot CRM module you can better manage the relationship with customers in a simple and automated way. Here are its features:

  • Analyze the interaction of each user with the business contents: knowing the pages visited by users, the preferred contents and all potential interests;
  • Collect all contact data and customer information in a database by setting up automatic but personalized communication activities;
  • Automate the management of calls and appointments with users who decide to get in touch with your company. This will greatly improve the customer experience;
  • Automate the sending of emails and newsletters: HubSpot automatically segments users based on their preferences to send personalized and performing content;
  • Monitor sales and marketing activities with automatic reports to improve performance: for each content sent to the user, the opening rate, the number of clicks and the number of new users generated can be analyzed.


With the Sales HubSpot module you can better manage the sales and post-sales process to retain customers. Here are its features:


  • Manage the customer experience even after sales to retain the customer: knowing which users’ favorite content is online or via email to create more and more personalized offers;
  • Create support tickets for all users who raise issues;
  • Create automated (but customized) templates to manage the sending of newsletters, promotions and communications;
  • Gather customer feedback to improve less performing business processes.

HubSpot how much does it cost?

The HubSpot platform does not have a single price. In fact, there are several solutions with more or less in-depth functionality. They range from the free package from 0 Dollar to the Enterprise package for more than 2,000 Dollar per month.

Let’s find out what are the solutions offered by HubSpot:


HubSpot offers its customers a free package: it is not a free trial with time limit, but is free for an unlimited time. The Free version does not include all the features of the tool: it exclusively provides the CRM functionality for managing contacts. You can manage a number of contacts less than 1 million: if this figure is exceeded, the version will automatically become a fee. This package is ideal for all small businesses that have recently entered the digital marketing services world. In fact, free CRM allows you to manage emails, newsletters, calls, appointments and all customer interactions.


The HubSpot Basic package is designed for companies or small marketing teams that want to start experimenting with the inbound marketing strategy. This package is not free: the cost is 185 Dollar per month. In fact, this feature provides:

  • Business Blog Management
  • Possibility of a subdomain
  • Site optimization in SEO
  • Creation of Landing Page
  • Managing contacts with CRM
  • Email marketing and newsletter management
  • Integration with Social Media

HubSpot Professional is the optimized version of HubSpot Basic. It has many additional marketing features and is recommended for all companies that want to improve their marketing performance. Among the solutions of the tool is the most sold in recent years. The cost of this subscription is 740 Dollar per month which includes:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Smart content for web pages: HubSpot uses dynamic content that can be modified and customized based on the user who is watching them
  • A / B tests to optimize strategies use
  • CRM contact management
  • Possibility of 4 subdomains

The Enterprise solution is the most suitable for companies with already structured marketing strategies that want to improve their performance. It is the best solution for large companies that have a large number of contacts to manage. The real difference with the other packages is the availability of very advanced and specific report models, able to suggest new strategies and potential optimizations for those already existing. In fact, the tests and analyzes are considerably deeper than those – already excellent – of the Pro version. How much does it cost? 2,200 Dollar per month.

HubSpot advantages: 3 reasons to use it in the company inbound marketing software

Here are 3 reasons why choosing HubSpot in your company is advantageous:


HubSpot is a tool capable of managing all phases of corporate marketing. From creating attractive content for users to customer loyalty. The organization of the activities is simple and takes place from a single bulletin board. It is suitable for both small businesses and already structured companies: it optimizes the site, attracts users with strategic content for search engines and takes care of the customer with complete customer service management.


It is possible that a company is already using WordPress, Magento or other platforms to manage their online content. HubSpot is able to easily integrate with these CMS: in this way it will be possible to organize all the activities from the CMS with the advantage of having the HubSpot services available that greatly simplify the management of marketing.


HubSpot has particularly efficient customer service. In fact, there is a specific team available in live chat, email and by telephone. Experts are always ready to support companies and businesses that choose to rely on the services of this tool.


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