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Create Web-based Applications To Facilitate Company Management Methods Integrated With Databases And Easily Managed With Web Browsers.

Web Development Company: The face of any business today is its website. It is the website that determines whether or not the consumer will stick to the business. It is also the business that determines whether or not the business will succeed in it endeavour or not. Your audience has only minutes to spare for your website and to decide whether or not they would want to stick to your business. The website is also the mark of your business. Most consumers today, look up the website of any business before deciding whether or not they want to go on with the business.

We develop websites using the latest of methods, and the cutting-edge technology of the world. We brand your website the right way. We design tailor-made strategies for your business. In short, we strive to do everything possible by us to give you the best of returns on the investment you have made. We highlight every special feature of your business, so that you are represented in the best possible light to your audience.

We highlight you in the best possible light, so that you can gain the best of returns on your investment! Also get the best SEO services along with web development service as well.

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Web Software Development

We are specialized in web development and  customized web software development useful for optimizing and innovating the management of the company, with the possibility of integrating ERP and CRM through the use of web browsers hosted on servers always accessible from anywhere with internet access.

Web software, also known as web applications, are generally client / server websites customized to customer requests that need to improve the business and management processes of a company such as billing methods, email, corporate calendar, documents or user insertion in database and they are realized according to the business needs of the client who commissions it after an in-depth information analysis phase.

There design of a web or management web application takes place through software architecture methodologies that make the web application complete, light and fast as well as being easy to manage and learn from the client.

Web Application Development

Designing a web application  requires the creation of a website, management type, front-end side for the graphical interface and back-end side that allows to manage the application in a simple way by authorized users.

The realization of bespoke software  is through the use of various programming languages client side and server side, type:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript graphic interface visible on the browser,
  • PHP server side for the design of the back end panel or the web software management panel that interacts with the data
  • MYSQL as databases entered by users who manage them as databases

The custom software development process takes place through a procedure attentive to the required services, therefore the application development is carried out individually for each module and request, so as to have a complete overview of it during all the development phases of the entire project.

The Main Advice Discussed With Our Customers Is The Custom Software Development In Relation To The Use Of Open Source Technologies That Allow A High Ease Of Use And Support.

The  Web Digital Media Group  web agency develops customized software solutions to obtain the best quality and allow us to make useful and structural changes to improve functionality in the future.

Management Software

The  management software automates in the enterprise management processes to achieve business objectives.

Data Management

The  data management software  bases its functionalities on the databases and the network connection. A database management application works through a set of data organized by type and gender.

Website Development

Accounting Software

The accounting software solution allows you to analyze business data on sales made to organize the warehouse and monitor customer data and have full control of the company in all its commercial profiles.

Help Desk Software

The help desk software model allows internal company staff to communicate and help efficiently with users through an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Software Checklist

A software application checklist allows a checklist  with a list of things to do or to check to perform a specific business activity.

Financial Software

The financial software are intended to simplify the management of the fund business operations and provide the company that uses it to monitor productivity and control to achieve significant improvements in management in the insurance market.

Software And Applications In Clubs Designed And Developed For You:

Amplify the efficiency of your business by developing programs that automate processes. Take advantage of the cloud to always have all your programs and data available, on any device and at any time.

We can develop any product suitable for your needs: sales management, ordering, meeting deadlines, automatic billing systems, customer master data, sales and warehouse management, and much more.

The advantages of developing a customized product is the possibility of having an application that perfectly meets every need, designed especially for you and therefore the easiest possible to use and of an efficiency that cannot be found on the market. Furthermore, there are no monthly costs to deal with, no user license, and you can integrate all the data you had previously.

Contact us, we will listen to your needs and we will provide you with a project without commitment, with related costs and proposals from our technicians and designers.

The Advantages Of Software And Applications In The Cloud

  • Tailored
  • No license fees
  • Design
  • Total assistance
  • Data never lost
  • Expandable
  • Easy
Website Development

Develop Software And Applications In The Cloud

  • Complete Management
  • Single Tools

Everything comes from listening to the needs of the client, his goals and the solutions he has designed to improve the performance of his business.

From that moment on, our developers and designers set to work to present a software and interface project that combines simplicity of use, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness. Our projects are widely workable and flexible, and are created to not give further problems to our customers, rather to solve them and speed up operational processes. Hence our strong assistance and training component included in the projects

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