Search Engine Positioning

A Good SEO Search Engine Ranking Strategy.

Your site is graphically appealing and well structured, are your products presented in a professional manner but nevertheless you do not receive orders, sufficient visits and the feedback desired by your users? Want To Know What’s Missing?
Search Engine Positioning

We Help Your Site To Be Found On The First Page Of Google

The term SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization ( search engine optimization ), indicates the set of activities aimed at improving the position of a site in the SERPs, or in the results of the pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Being visible on the first page of Google means getting more visitors to your site, thus increasing the potential of your business and acquiring new potential customers.

Web Digital Media Group  offers advanced SEO consulting services , website optimization and their positioning on search engines, from the technical analysis of your project to the implementation of the improvements directly on the site. Our SEO consulting service is aimed at companies and professionals who need a guide to plan online visibility strategies and designed to guide you from start to finish in finding solutions for your needs. We will work together with you to create a common sense strategy, help you understand your competitors and show you what are the problems that prevent your website from properly indexing and positioning itself in search engines .

Search Engine Positioning

What Results You Will Get With SEO Consulting And Search Engine Positioning Increase Visits To Your Website.

Get yourself found much more easily on Google and on secondary search engines (Bing, Yahoo etc …)

Make your products / services known to a targeted visitor target, or only to users really interested in knowing your company.

Transform new visits into new business contacts, or into sales, requests for quotations etc.

Check at any time, thanks to Web Analytics tools, the effective effectiveness and economic return of an SEO positioning campaign.


Seo Optimization: What We Do

The first step involves analyzing the competition and studying the keywords of the market niche and for which to position the website.

Once you have agreed on the most effective SEO strategies to achieve your business goals, let’s start with SEO optimization: HTML code, site page content and overall hypertext structure.

We organize an effective link building activity necessary to make a site go up on the first pages of Google.

We design an effective content management activity to enrich your site if it lacks content, another necessary condition for Google to classify your site as worthy of getting on the first pages.

We provide detailed reports of the results and objectives achieved with the SEO positioning activity.

A Parenthesis On The Reality Of Positioning On Search Engines In The Marche Region.

The difficult economic moment, which is also involving solid productive realities like those of the Marche, pushes an increasing number of entrepreneurs and professionals to look at SEO consultancy services and search engine positioning with interest  .

Companies that begin to learn about the potential of  website optimizationfor positioning on search engines they have a promotional background based on traditional and mostly paper advertising channels such as: advertisements in local newspapers, posters, etc. Some of these companies have also tried to take the path of advertising banners on the internet, mainly on portals of local importance, with unsatisfactory results and without having the possibility of quantifying the economic return on the advertising investment supported. The Marches companies therefore require mainly organic positioning activities on a local (provincial or regional) basis and also on a national scale aimed at reaching certain market niches.

Search Engine Positioning

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