Online Reputation Management

Become a reference in your field of activity

Why Reputation Management …

Consumer voices

Ensuring transparency is one of the best ways to gain credibility with your customers. By letting people make comments, this allows future customers to get a general idea of ​​your services based on the past experience of your previous customers.

Analyze your customers

In addition to building consumer confidence in your business, online reviews are a great way to analyze your customer base. Do you notice some negative reviews of one of your products or services? This is the time to rectify the fire and make changes to your way of doing things.

Proximity and interaction

Your image is well worked and your reputation well established? Wonderful, but that’s no reason to neglect online reviews, both on social networks and Google My Business. Indeed, in a world where individuals are increasingly looking for personalized services, online reputation management allows you to directly connect with your customers to interact with them.

Earn credibility and income

Your future customers will be able to read the opinions of your current customers before buying from you: advertising at a low price, or word of mouth 2.0 that can pay big!

Learn How To Build Your Reputation With Online Reputation Management.

Become a reference in your field of activity

G5stars – online ratings collection

Customer reviews are like popularity votes: the more you have, the more likely you are to have new customers.

Corporate facebook page

Social networks are about expanding the community of potential customers and inviting people to contact you.

Customer Service

By responding to comments, both negative and positive, you demonstrate the effectiveness of your after-sales service. Bad reviews, if well managed, can be positive!

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Online reviews about a business influence the decision-making of users. Indeed, 88% of consumers include online reviews in their purchase process.

G5Stars, our exclusive online ad collection solution, collects and distributes customer feedback and ratings to improve your online reputation.

Consumer reviews left on Google have a growing influence on local SEO and increase the clickthrough rate, both in the results pages and on Google Maps. We are the only ones in Quebec to offer this type of solution for your online reputation.


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