Lead Generation With LinkedIn by Web Digital Media Group

Lead Generation With LinkedIn


Our Lead Generation Campaigns With Linkedin Bring Contacts, End Customers And Brand Awareness. We Deal With Marketing Strategy, Creativity And Content Production And Insight Analysis. The Rates Are Fixed Or Based On The Results, Depending On The Customer’s Needs.

Through a Lead Generation campaign with Linkedin we are able to identify very precisely a target of customers based on their profession, their age, their interests and much more . This gives us the opportunity to offer our services and products very effectively through specially made content . We are going to develop promotional videos and graphics to be sponsored, text and infographics content to share with your network and much more. Each case is self-standing, contact us and we will study your case without obligation, offering you the best for your service and for your product.

Lead Generation With Linkedin – What our services offer:

  • 360 ° consulting
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Production
  • Video Production
  • Digital PR
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Insight Analysis
  • Community Management

Our Lead Generation With Linkedin Allows You To Make The Most Of The Potential Of This Social Network:

With more than 10 million subscribers, LinkedIn is a highly profiled and effective database of professionals, managers, freelancers, employees and specialists in every sector. Through its advertising software, LinkedIn allows us to show the content we create exclusively to those of interest to us, and therefore to professionals in a particular sector, who respond to certain demographic and geographical characteristics.

This kind of campaign allows us to generate high-value B2B contacts, but not only. It is a channel that allows you to reach a very high number of profiled users and can be used for the sale and promotion of any type of service or product.

Here are the steps of our Lead Generation campaigns with Linkedin:

Target identification.  Together with the company, we identify the ideal customer. From here we go to transpose this customer into a LinkedIn segment, to identify the ideal target.

Communication plan. After having deepened the service to be proposed, we are going to create advertising material in line with the target. We develop commercials, demonstration videos, promotional banners, blog articles and everything needed to involve the target.

Analysis and improvement.  The campaigns are monitored daily, to check the ROI at all times and to constantly correct the shot. In fact, the campaigns never cease to improve thanks to our test system, which always goes to find more effective solutions at a promotional level.

Report.  Our client will have access to the control panels of the campaigns at any time, from which it will always be clear how our work is carried out. At the end of each month we will prepare detailed reports on the progress of the campaigns, with new goals and suggestions for improvement.