Google Shopping Management

“Our Google Shopping Management will Greatly Increase Your E-commerce Traffic And Sales”

Google Shopping is Google’s price comparative, able to show on the searches that we want the photo of our product with price and basic data. The strength of this tool is to show our product exclusively to those who really want it, and above all the  pay per click system: the budget is consumed only if someone clicks on the ad.

It means that as long as the announcement is only shown nothing will be spent, while the people who will click will always be people who are already chosen and already know the cost and appearance of the product in question.

The Advantages Of Our Google Shopping Management


What Website Do You Need?

Very High Traffic At A Low Price

The static internet site is the simplest and most immediate solution for a clear and effective business presentation on the internet. Static websites cannot be updated independently by the customer.

Qualified Users

It is the most flexible and complete solution, which allows you to intervene independently and without too much technical knowledge on the contents of the site. Ideal for companies wishing to advertise products or services independently.

Coordination With Other Campaigns

An E-Commerce site is the solution for companies that want to increase sales and turnover and expand sales boundaries reaching the entire Indian and foreign markets.

Remarketing Campaigns For E-Commerce

Our advanced campaigns also contain remarketing, an activity that can follow people who have entered the website but have not completed a purchase. We are able to find the people who filled the cart but did not go further and go and present it to them, who saw a product and continue to show it to them while they do something else on other web platforms, and much more.

Reporting And Competition

Our analysis tools, which we will share with you, allow us to always have every user move within our website clear, giving us the opportunity to improve the site and restructure campaigns, almost daily, to improve the results obtained .

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