B2B and B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

Our Lead Generation B2b And B2c Services Bring Contacts And End Customers, Generated By Tailor-Made Digital Campaigns. We Manage Google, Dem And Social Networks With Fixed Rates Or Based Exclusively On The Results, Of Your Choice.


The b2b or b2c lead generation is a set of digital communication activities, coordinated to obtain high quality contact generation. We do not use existing lists or pre-set templates: our team of creative digital marketing and advertising consultants creates personalized campaigns on Google AdWords, Facebook, Linkedin, Email and any other web channel.

Our business does not end when a user comes into contact with you, but we continue to monitor and manage after-sales, to ensure ever better results. Our rates are based on the results obtained and vary based on the contacts we are generating. Request a contact to let you explain to one of our consultants how to expand your business.

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The phases of our lead generation campaigns B2B & B2C

B2B and B2C Lead Generation Campaigns

Attraction Potential Leads

We produce ads, blog articles, commercials, e-books and other material that concerns potential leads, and we spread it with a detailed communication plan on Social Networks, Google and other advertising channels. The chosen target will arrive on the Landing Page optimized for conversion.


1% of users (on average) convert on first access. For the other 99%, the pages of our website will be optimized to get as much data as possible about visitors, to be able to insert them in different “containers” depending on the service they might be interested in and their degree of interest.


We will bring visitors to become from simple interested to potential customers, through the proposal of contents studied, through email marketing, and through re-marketing activities on Social Networks, on Google search and banner networks

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