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Are you there before your competition when your potential customers are looking for your products and services? Almost half of the 70,000 Google requests made every second click on the first two natural links on the results page. Without an effective SEO service, you will not be able to achieve these rankings. One thing is certain: a small portion of those thousands of queries will be generated by potential customers of your business looking for solutions. Even if you have the solutions they are looking for, your potential clients will not be able to access them if your team does not include a competent SEO agent. So, are you capturing these income opportunities or are you letting them slip away to your competitor’s sites?This is the challenge that our SEO agency in Dubai wants to help you meet. Looking for the most motivated team of SEO experts in Dubai UAE to help you? Web Digital Media Group is here to take you to the top of Google searches.

Natural referencing (SEO), what is it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in optimizing your website according to the SEO criteria established by search engines. The goal of an SEO service is to improve the understanding and appreciation of your content by search engines. If your SEO agent has optimized your site well, Google will naturally put it in front of its users. The more you go up in the results, the more traffic you get and therefore more potential customers .

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The difference between SEO and SEM (Search engine marketing) or paid search is simple. In SEO, you do not pay Google, the goal is to go up naturally in its results. Unlike an SEO agent, an adwords expert uses advertising on Google to display ads that will cost you money with every click. SEO brings results more slowly but in a more sustainable way.

An SEO service contains 3 major major focuses:
  • The technical optimization taking place on your website (speed, ergonomics)
  • The optimization of textual content and visual (SEO On-Site)
  • The optimization of reputation (called authority) of your website on the web (SEO Off-Site)
Why is SEO essential to the success of your business?

You might think that a magnificent site guaranteed by a website maintenance contract and efficient web hosting is enough to become the king of the web. But this is far from the case, your website must be able to stand out in search results if you want it to fulfill its objectives: to generate visibility and qualified leads.

The traffic generated by search engines is of great value to businesses because it is qualified . In other words, it is made up of people looking for a solution, prospects who are just waiting for one thing: someone to meet their need.

For example, on e-commerce sites, natural traffic has a much higher conversion rate than all other traffic sources (paid, social, direct), because it is made up of users who are actively looking for these products. In short, developing your natural traffic is equivalent to developing your income .

A good SEO agent should enable you to capture these high potential users and answer the following questions:

  • How to increase the visibility of my business on Google?
  • How do my customers search for my services and products?
  • How to position my website among the first results?
  • How do I get ahead of my competitors on Google?
  • How to generate more traffic and leads on my website?
How our SEO agency in Dubai helps your business perform?

In order to guarantee tangible and measurable results, our SEO agency in Dubai has developed an exhaustive method covering all the points essential to your success on the search engines. Here are the services that our team of SEO experts in Dubai offers you:

SEO Analysis

The website design without SEO agent can cause imperfections in the referencing. Our SEO agency performs an in-depth analysis of your web presence, as well as your content. This step allows us to locate your website in its path to the first positions. Our SEO service can then take the first corrective actions to launch your SEO strategy in good conditions.

Digital Market Research

The strategy our SEO experts in Dubai recommend to you is digital market research. This document brings together the best keyword opportunities for your business and sets goals for getting the best SEO on each of them. This strategy is the guideline for all the SEO actions you will take afterwards. Our SEO agency will present this game plan to you before giving the green light and instructions to our teams of SEO agents. You are always the final decision maker.

SEO Strategy

The strategy that our SEO agents recommend to you is the logical continuation of digital market research. This document brings together the best opportunities in your business and sets goals for achieving each of them . This strategy is the guideline for all the SEO actions you will take afterwards. Our SEO agency will present this game plan to you before giving the green light and guidelines to our teams of SEO strategists. You remain the final decision-maker.

The Creation of External Links

Link building consists of pointing external links to your website in order to strengthen its reputation and reliability in the eyes of Google. This reputation is called a domain authority . It is the first criterion of natural referencing and one of the major axes that a good web referencing agency must optimize for its clients. Our SEO agency in Dubai UAE does not focus on the quantity of links, but on their quality. With this in mind, for several years we have been developing our relationships with the best reputable sites in Quebec and elsewhere.

Local SEO and Google Maps

If the majority of your business and operations are carried out in a specific geographic area, local SEO is essential for your business. Local SEO brings a result to people looking to get a service or product located near their location. Adding your business to Google Maps is not enough, you must also optimize your listing (Hours of operation, description, category, customer reviews, etc.). By working on a local strategy with our SEO service, you put yourself on your side to become one of the leaders in your area of ​​intervention .

Content Creation and Writing

A good web marketing strategy requires unique, quality content. It also requires strategic optimization of your content to appear to the right users on Google. Whether for the text of your site pages, your blog posts or your ebooks, our web content agency provides you with experienced and certified SEO writers.

Training Offered By Our SEO Agency In Dubai UAE

Finally, if you want to acquire the skills to manage your organic SEO yourself, our SEO agency will direct you to the best SEO training in Dubai UAE. SEO training provides you with the keys to knowing everything about how search engines work and the best tactics to adopt. Making you autonomous and independent is the culmination of our support as a growth partner on the web.

Why choose Web Digital Media Group as an SEO agency in Dubai?

We have been working for 10 years in the web industry . Web Digital Media Group, it is not only a team of high-performance SEO agents. It is also a large family of experts from all areas of the web. Our team includes Facebook Ads experts , social media management enthusiasts , SEO professionals as well as website designers. This complementarity makes Web Digital Media Group the digital advisor par excellence and the SEO agency in Dubai that will propel you to success.

Our success depends on your success . This is why our team of SEO experts in Dubai places transparency at the heart of its customer relationship. We always do our best to communicate your results as clearly as possible.

You receive a monthly review of your SEO performance and have real-time access to our task management tool in order to keep permanent visibility on the actions that our SEO agency is implementing for your business. With our SEO web agency Web Digital Media Group, SEO becomes easy.

Working on your natural referencing will allow you to generate constant traffic of qualified visitors. While a good SEO strategy takes several months to bear fruit, its results are just as lasting. Working with our SEO agency in Dubai will allow you to build acquisition leverage that will create long-term value for your business .

Frequently asked questions about our SEO agency in UAE Dubai

SEO or natural referencing is the art of optimizing a website so that it appears in the best results rankings on search engines.

A good SEO service makes your business visible to its customers. By having SEO optimized, you get more traffic and qualified leads to your site. Consequently, you increase your sales and your turnover.

SEO is a way to appear in search results without paying Google. It is a long but lasting process. SEM (paid search) involves bidding on targeted keywords so that an advertisement appears in search results. It is a more efficient paying solution in the short term

We offer SEO agent services contracts at rates ranging from $ 890 to $ 2090 per month. This amount will vary depending on the length of your subscription as well as the nature of the SEO agent services you request.

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