Professionals and Private Firms: How to Promote Yourself on the Internet

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promote yourself on internet

If you have a recently started studio or are a professional looking for new clients, don’t miss these tips. Here are some fundamental ideas for planning a digital marketing strategy and getting yourself known

The evolution of the digital world has reached such levels of efficiency that today even professionals often find on the web a valid method of promoting their services. In addition to taking advantage of the more traditional methods of communication to convey their personal brand and offer, more and more professionals and freelancers are choosing to use digital marketing strategies to find new customers and grow their business.

By exploiting the internet and the best online promotion techniques it is possible to reach a large number of potential customers and make yourself known as a freelancer: there are many marketing tools to use to promote your business, if you are also interested in making your business increasingly visible on the net. The important thing is to take the first steps on the web having a clear strategy to follow and choose the right tools to achieve your business goals. So let’s see how to effectively promote yourself online, if you are a freelancer who wants to take advantage of all the benefits of the web .

  • Establish your online presence right away
  • The importance of SEO
  • Do you want to be successful as a freelancer? Be present on social media
  • Make the most of ads & co: Google Ads and social advertising
  • Email marketing: the power of email
  • Don’t forget word of mouth and social proof
  • Use the best platforms to find customers
  • Create the right partnerships

Establish your online presence right away

The first step to take if you want your professionalism to be easily found online is to give life to your professional website . Creating a clear and optimized website for both desktop and mobile reading is essential to intercept the online searches of customers potentially interested in your services.

You will have to worry about creating a website that makes it clear at a glance what you do, what your strengths are and what is the unique offer that you can propose to your target audience. Make your experience and results transparent within your website and easily find your main contacts , so that it is easy to contact you to find out more about your business.

Once your web space is online, don’t forget to make your business visible on platforms such as Google My Business and Pagine Gialle, both free. The first is the commercial activity promotion tool proposed by Google, on which you must enter the correct and updated data of your business as soon as possible. Pagine Gialle is a national directory of companies , which allows you to create your business card and see your online presence automatically distributed in the Italiaonline network (formed by Pagine Gialle, Pagine, PG Casa, Virgilio Local and TuttoCittà). as well as on the main search engines and the best voice assistants, navigators and social networks.

The importance of SEO

Any self-respecting digital marketing strategy can only have its foundations in a careful search for the best keywords for the project. A targeted keyword research allows you to find and select the keywords most in line with the activity you want to propose online, to evaluate the number of monthly searches and the appeal for the target audience you would like to intercept . Creating web content that contains the identified keywords then allows both your website and any other content you propose online to be correctly indexed by search engines when users enter a query relating to your profession on the search bar.

SEO , or Search Engine Optimization, is in fact one of the foundations of building a valid presence on the net and is a multifaceted and complex subject. Optimizing a website for search engines in fact means both working “on page” by intervening for example on HTML code, title, description, headings, images and structure of the site itself, but also on “off page” optimization, which includes building an effective backlink network .

How to be found on the internet if your business is of interest to an audience predominantly located in a specific geographical area? Working on Local SEO, i.e. optimization for local searches and taking care to index your website for the most appropriate keywords related to your area of ​​expertise.

In addition to the main contents of your website, it is good that you also dedicate yourself to the SEO optimization of your company blog and your social profiles such as Linkedin and similar. Search algorithms are mainly based on keywords and finding the most suitable ones is a delicate but productive undertaking : if you don’t know how to do it, you could decide to train yourself in this regard and act independently on the SEO front, or rely on SEO Specialists who will know how to make your web content perfectly optimized.

Do you want to be successful as a freelancer? Be present on social media

When it comes to finding freelance clients it’s impossible not to mention the crucial role of social media in the process. Creating your professional profile on the main social networks is an excellent tactic that allows you to increase your visibility and to convey your personality , your company philosophy and your unique selling proposition.

Through the feed of the main social networks you can offer your potential customers an interesting glimpse into your profession , the jobs you do, your way of operating and your peculiar characteristics: attracting customers with inbound marketing techniques is incredibly more efficient than trying to reach them. with the now outdated aggressive and intrusive sales techniques . Use social media to talk about what you can do, including impactful photographs and taking advantage of all the opportunities of video content marketing : the idea of creating video content for social media like Facebook, Instagram or Youtube is an excellent communication strategy.

Furthermore, use social media to create direct relationships with your audience , stimulate interaction, dialogue with users or provide answers to the most common questions related to your professional activity. So use them to increase your authority , define your personal brand and always be present where and how much your target users may need your services.

Make the most of ads & co: Google Ads and social advertising

When you want to promote your business as an online freelancer in a performing way, it is good that you make the main advertising tactics available online. Starting with Google Ads , one of the best known tools for PPC marketing campaigns : by placing your advertisements on the Google advertising platform, your ads will be shown at the top of the SERP when a user types in the search bar a of the keywords you have chosen to compete for. Learn how to better manage the Google Ads keyword strategy, master auctions and identify the right budget to investIt may not be straightforward, but Google Ads is certainly one of the best ways to promote your freelance business on the web.

You can also decide to channel the advertising budget on the Facebook advertising platform , counting on an incredibly precise level of audience profiling and consequently a high return on investment. You can also extend your online promotion to Instagram, always part of the Facebook group, but also to Linkedin, Twitter or why not Tik Tok , if Generation Z reachable through Tik Tok marketing is attractive for the type of business you manage. The exposure offered by social media allows you, when well managed, to create a steady stream of new leads and potential conversions.

Email marketing: the power of email

Despite the ever-dynamic evolution of online marketing tools, email marketing still maintains excellent persuasive effectiveness , when part of a well-structured marketing plan. A mailing list is a large and well-segmented assets you must dedicate yourself to build as soon as possible, and then proceed to ‘ conception of DM campaigns from’ high engagement rate . Engage in the collection of leads and contacts in target, through the creation of lead magnets and incentives that convince users to leave their personal contacts, and then proceed with ad hoc planned campaigns.

Users are willing to open and carefully read emails with an attractive layout and high-value content, as well as happy to receive offers and promotions in line with their interests . Maximize the power of this tool by designing incisive newsletters and email sequences with a high persuasiveness rate and hook the interest of potential customers to channel it towards well-designed sales funnels , compelling landing pages and engaging calls to action. Being present on a regular basis in the inbox and in the mind of your potential users is a great way to positively increase your online presence.

Don’t forget word of mouth and social proof

The central importance of social proof is now amply demonstrated. Positive reviews and favorable opinions from other individuals are often the deciding factor that pushes users to turn to a professional rather than another or to buy a particular product or service. One of the sections not to be missed on the website or on your social profiles is the one dedicated to the testimonies of satisfied customers : never forget to ask your customers to leave you a review on Google or other platforms for the work you have done for them, whether in text format or, even better, in video format. Advertise your company on specialized sites in your sector that offer the opportunity for visitors to leave reviews and give life to this profitable virtuous circle.

Use the best platforms to find customers

When you have a business as a freelancer or you are a freelance, there are so many web platforms that help you effectively in finding new customers . To cite just a few examples, Upwork, Fiverr, Guru and Freelancers are among the most famous websites dedicated to the meeting of supply and demand of professionals, while the exchange of professionalism on the forums of sector .

Each professional category then has its virtual places of choice for the search for new job opportunities, and there are also infinite Facebook groups and online communities that arise every day to allow a fruitful exchange between those who offer their professionalism and those looking for specific roles. .

Create the right partnerships

Finally, when you work as a freelancer, one of the most effective ways to find new job opportunities is to network : both online and offline there are many opportunities to create new personal relationships and spark the sparks of future working collaborations. Use the aforementioned Facebook groups to network and create new opportunities for cooperation with other professionals , or make the most of Linkedin and its network of specialized figures. Your professionalism can enrich the offer of other professionals, companies and agencies, while new promising working synergies could be opened for you .