Laptop overheating: How Do I fix this problem

In recent days we have had a request that usually occurs much more in the summer season: a girl turned to us because her pc was overheating. You, aware that this problem, if neglected, can cause more serious damage to your computer, promptly contacted us.

Intense activity on our laptops or fixed PCs is often needed when it comes to producing projects for work or study, and why not, even when our gamer group calls. This entire load with which we weigh our pc, however, has consequences.

First of all, it is imperative to admit that, unlike fixed computers, which usually have fans of magnitude appropriate for the right hardware cooling, notebooks have very low fans, which sometimes are not enough to keep the machine at the right temperature, especially in the warmer periods.

Of course, overheating can first be prevented, through small tools and tools, which reduce the internal temperature and, consequently, the external temperature of our computers.
Some of the tips we give you below can be perceived as obvious by some, but for others, perhaps less confident with the world of technology, they can make a difference.

First of all we can say that when the PC is in a very hot environment, it is necessary to minimize the effort required for your machine, such as avoiding programs that weigh heavily on the processor or do not use too many software at the same time. There are also several programs that can help cool your laptop, but they must be used with extreme caution. Some of these allow you to monitor the internal temperature of your pc and adjust the speed of the fans, but as soon as anticipated, in order to avoid making incorrect settings and worsening the situation, it is always better to turn to whoever you are. A certainly less risky method of cooling a notebook is to buy one cooling base. These are grounded metal bases with one or more fans on which their laptop is supported, usually powered by a USB cable connected directly to the computer itself.

Even before purchasing a cooling base, we can point out that the basic assumption in this sense is that the air flow from the computer grid is not obstructed from anything internally, that it is free outside, and that it may not you are in contact with heat-retaining materials, as well as blocking air outflow (for example, putting your notebook on the blanket or putting it on in a case are behaviors that do not help).
The arrangements we have made so far are definitely a help, but if we want to solve the problem at the root, we have to go through strong manners.

The extreme remedy, which is certainly more serious and lasting, may be the opening of the pc for the Laptop overheating problem: it is removed, cleansed from all the dirt / accumulated dust, to do a complete job, it changes the thermal paste and closes the whole. Do not do this work autonomously: some users who are reputed to be experts, trying to do this procedure fall into technicalities to their strangers and end up only making further damage to the machine.

For those who do not know what it is, the problem probably does not exist unless the PC configuration has been changed by others. Over clocking pushes the computer to the limit of its possibilities and is a function that is activated in many next-generations PC. Obviously, increasing the performance of the processor or graphics card also causes more overheating of these components.

If none of the things listed above improves the situation, it is likely that overheating is due to other hardware problems.

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