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We named our animation unit as “Beyond Explainer” and as the name suggest we just don’t create explainer videos but much beyond that. Over the course of our operation, we have been able to develop various animated explainer videos, covering various languages (including but not limited to Dutch, English, German, and French). Apart from explainer videos, we also into creating e-learning videos, video editing, VFX and all work related to video production. Our clients all over the world are satisfied, and most of them have even come back for more.

Our longevity is enviable, and we definitely have the track record to prove it as well.

We have team who are passionate about what they do, and which is dedicated to making amazing videos. To wit, regardless of what your requirements are, there is absolutely no doubt to the fact that we will be able to deliver beautiful and customized animation packages that will meet your needs.

The videos created by us will go a long way in helping you to communicate effectively with your current and prospective customers. This way we will be playing a direct role in helping you to boost your sales and improve company profits. We make explaining things fun and easy, and this will go a long way in helping you to connect with your customer base.

Why Choose Us?

Great Storytelling

Before anything else, we are awesome storytellers. We understand that while the video and illustrations are important, the point is driven home by the message that is conveyed. This is your story.

Fixed Pricing

We know that one sticking point for clients is varying prices. Trust us, we hate it too. This is why we provide just three amendment rounds to our animated explainer video packages.

Project Management

We hold effective communication to high esteem. This is why we ensure that our project managers keep you updated every step of the way as we work

Big Results

Boring videos are a no-go for anyone. So, we put in a lot of work to deliver engaging and high-converting videos to all clients.


The days when you had to break the bank to get quality explainer videos made are far behind us. With us, you can rest assured that whatever your budget is, we will be able to accommodate you.

Timely Delivery and Accountability

We know you value your time, and so do we. To wit, you can rest assured that we will deliver results timely and as per agreement. However, in the event that we can’t make a deadline (which, by the way, rarely happens), rest assured that we will also keep you in the loop.

Why Animated Explainer Videos?

Over the years, animated explainer videos have grown into one of the easiest, most engaging, and most effective mean of getting even more visitors to a site and explaining what they stand to gain from ordering a product or service from you.

According to a research, an average user spends only about 10-20 seconds on a website. For those who don’t know, this is exactly the time you have to make the user get engaged and explain your product and service.

Google’s ranking algorithm places a lot of significance on the amount of time that visitors spend on a site, and this is the exact reason why there has been massive growth in the adoption of online videos.

Amongst the benefits that they provide, you are sure to see an increase in your conversion rates, a better clarity concerning your product, and a direct and sporadic boost to your sales. All of these and much more make explainer videos an excellent marketing tool.

Explainer videos save time:-

The logic is pretty simple; as opposed to just spending lots of time explaining things and risking confusing people the more, you can use an explainer video to provide audio-visual clarifications these will be more effective for sure.

Explainer videos save money

Explainer videos can be on your site for much longer, and this means that the explanations hat you are looking to create will last as well. As opposed to spending cash on additional content creation, explainer videos are cost-effective


They boost your online rankings

Thanks to their engaging and entertaining nature, explainer videos are sure to keep visitors on your page for longer. This, in turn, will lead to better search engine rankings.

Our Services

2D Character Animation

While it will go down as one of the oldest forms of animation, there is no doubt to the fact that 2D character animation is still very popular. The popularity of this advertising form is pretty simple; people love animations, as they project a calm and easy way of communicating. With the innovation that we provide, you will definitely be able to achieve a lot with this service.

Motion Graphic Animation

Motion graphics are one of the most recent innovation in video marketing and communication, and we have been able to conquer this field as well. At Beyond Explainer, we take a unique approach to developing option graphics we believe that clarity and communication are the most important elements in an effective motion graphics scheme, and this is what we set out to achieve.

Infographic Animation

Looking for an effective and innovative way to market a product or anyone promo coming up? Well, our infographics definitely it that bill. Infographics are awesome ways through which product developers and sales people can make the public aware of their products, services, and other offerings. However, innovative as they are, there are a lot of skills that go into making a killer infographic. This is why you need us.

Whiteboard Animation

With whiteboard animation, we develop stories on storyboards, in such a way that pictures are drawn on a whiteboard (or at the very least, something that looks like it) Our whiteboard animations are highly innovative, as they take various forms. You can have normal videos, and you can have videos that even draw themselves. Whiteboard animations are awesome marketing tools, as animations have ben know to attract people even more than other means of visual communication.

Kinetic Typography

Movable typography s definitely all the rage right now. From website landing pages to television commercials, everyone seems to be arranging kinetic typography now. It is another form of advertising that tends to draw the attention of people easily, thanks to the power of moving strokes and easy interaction. Kinetic typography is another important visual communication piece that requires creativity and inequity to pull off. That’s why you need us.

Screencast & Mobile App Demo Animation

Of course, it is not impossible that you have a little demonstration of your mobile app that you will like to show. Call it a sneak peek if you will. At Beyond Explainer, we will help to ensure that your demo ad screencast will go out the way you planned. Our demos will show a detailed explanation of your app and its workings, and they will also be alee to get you the type of attention that you seek; especially from members of your target market.

E-Learning Video Production

We have expertise in creating courses for E-Learning companies in video forms and we can do that for your company too. Outsourcing video production or editing work is economically more feasible to E-Learning companies than doing it in house. So, just share your requirement with us and we will take care of the rest.

Web Digital Media Group is a company that was formed in 2010. The company consists of a team of talented professionals based both in the UK and India.

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