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Many companies such as Wix offer services that allow anyone to create a website in a few clicks. But to distinguish itself in the multitude of Internet content created every day, it is a quality website and in agreement with your activity that you need. A well-built site can win the trust of your potential customers and set you apart from the competition. It can even become an income channel. To create a qualitative website, the following steps are important

A first phase of reflection

Define the purpose of your site and your target audience

To build a relevant website, you need to have in mind what you hope to get out of it and for whom you are going to write your content. Your motivations can be various:

Are you looking to limit the number of calls you receive over the phone for basic information?

Would you like to increase your notoriety in order to attract visitors to your shop / cabinet / workshop etc …?

Is the goal to create an online sales site for your products or services?

Will your site be used to communicate news about your business through articles?

SEO – objective


If you are already doing business, you may have an idea of ​​your target audience. Who are your clients ? Did you notice that this was a specific age group, gender, place or social category?

The act of creating a website is an excellent opportunity to retain your existing customers while making you visible to a population that knows you may not.

Analyze the competition and your differentiation factor

Identify your competitors and browse their websites. It is not a question of copying their content or the appearance of their sites, but of saving time and finding inspiration. When you start your website at zero, you risk losing a lot of time reinventing the wheel. By looking at and comparing multiple sites, you can remember the presentations and great ideas that appeal to you and highlight your differences on your site. Pay attention to the features of these sites, the keywords used and the possible interactions between users and the company.

As a result of this analysis, you must also be able to find what makes you unique. What things do you think your competitors do not seem to own? It is this element that must be highlighted on your site. For example, if your team is highly qualified and has excellent degrees in their field, build a page that highlights them.

Determine your budget

The price for creating a website can vary greatly from one project to another depending on the features you want and the web agency you choose. From a simple showcase page to publicize your activity to an online store , the price can be multiplied by a factor of more than 10! If your budget is limited, you will have to settle for a pre-formatted site. Do not neglect this budget item that is part of a sustainable web marketing strategy in the long term because a visibly low-end site can serve you. Anticipate also that there will be costs of construction and management of the site, hosting, updates, content creation, SEO, etc.

Content creation

Information about your company

The first things people should find on your site are information about your business. The name of your company, your area of ​​expertise, your address, email and phone number must be clear and easy to find. It can also be interesting to integrate a history of your company and a presentation of your teams. This will make you closer to your customers and allow you to create an identity that will differentiate you from your competition.

Rich content

An interesting and regularly updated content is essential to have an effective web strategy. You must write keeping your audience in mind and being attentive to the presentation, grammar, spelling and relevance of what you write. When a user clicks on a link that brings them to your site, they must be able to establish at a glance that they will find the information they are looking for. Highlight all the elements that establish your credibility as the profile and skills of your teams, projects and achievements, the positive feedback of your customers …

Logo and photos

The images will directly contribute to the creation of the visual identity of your company and your brand in the minds of visitors. Your logo must be well chosen and correspond to your activity. For example, if you have a children’s play area, the atmosphere of your site will be colorful and dynamic. Conversely, if you create a medical office site, prefer a clean design and cool, soothing colors. Ideally, you have your graphic charter, ie your logo, the font and the color of writing that you use in your paper communications, scanned and you will be able to provide it to the service provider in charge of building your site.

Make sure to use many good quality photos showing your products, your premises, your team, your events … This site is a window on your activity: the images used must be consistent and convey a professional and positive image of your company. 60% of consumers would prefer to contact a company if a photo appears when they search locally.

The technical aspect

The design of your website

The Content Management System (CMS) makes it easy to manage and create a  website with few settings. You can choose a free or paid pre-built theme that will match the image you want to send back from your business. For example, if you are a photographer, you will choose a theme that gives pride of place to images to enhance your work. WordPressis one of the most used CMS in the world. Its popularity is related to its ease of use and the diversity of results that can be obtained. Due to its large user base, it is very easy to find information and help on the forums. You can also choose to be accompanied by a web agency to get the personalized result you want.

Most companies use a web designer. The design of your site encompasses both its aesthetic and ergonomic properties. The first impression that the visitors will have of your site depends on this design also it does not have that it seems to have been made by an amateur. The goal is that the online customer experience is as pleasant as the one you are trying to create offline.

Domain name and hosting

The next step is to choose your domain name and your host. For your domain name, prefer a simple formula to remember and write. If the one you intended to use already exists, you can slightly vary the name or the extension by changing for example a .com or a .ca or .net.

The choice of your host is an important decision that must take into account many factors such as your budget, the type of information you collect from your visitors, the technical capabilities of the hosts … We have deepened the subject in our article Hosting site web : everything you need to know

SEO optimization for search engines

A perfectly constructed site is only interesting if it is read. So you have to spend time on search engine optimization  so that your site appears in the searches of your potential customers. This is to follow certain rules of writing, use of keywords and organization of your content .

We covered this topic in How to optimize the SEO of its website for search engines. There are good easy-to-use optimization tools like the free Yoast WordPress plugin.

Sustain your efforts

A good website is a regularly updated site. If your last publication was six months ago, your site will not work in your favor. Implement a publishing strategy to ensure that content is posted regularly. New equipment, new member in your team, event to come … all the reasons are good to post news! If you have a space dedicated to comments or a forum, do not leave positive or negative comments without reaction on your part. Visitors should see that you take care of this online space. Today, the opinions count heavily in the purchase decision. 51% of consumers believe that they will choose a convenience store over another if they have positive reviews online. This is why we must highlight the positive feedback from your customers and obviously take into account the more mixed opinions. If your activity lends itself to it, having a blog section is a great way to create or have content written regularly. A site with a blog attracts 55% more visitors than a site that does not have one!