Android has had a very fast spread over time and is becoming the most widely used operating system in most mobile and non-mobile devices; in a not too distant future it will be an ever greater constant in our daily lives. But what were the factors that made it successful?

Let’s see them together.

The main reason is that Android is an open source operating system and this has allowed the software to collect all that a large number of developers have devised for the web in terms of components and software libraries capable of interacting with each other (both for desktop and mobile).

Another reason for its success is the fact that it has been adopted as an operating system by devices that are very different from each other , both in terms of type and price range. This has led Android to be spread across the board at a corporate level and, as a result, the developers have had to adapt it continuously to the different characteristics of the guest device

s. Despite this, the operating system has always offered all the support necessary to allow the applications developed with its system to adapt to every circumstance.


The Android apps , unlike the iOS, are developed with the Java programming language, and to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by the framework it is necessary to rely on developers who know the main problems that could arise during development . An example? Performance optimization, safeguarding available resources and so on.

In Web Digital Media Group we help you choose the type of app that best suits your needs . Once we have identified the objective you want to reach and analyze your target market, we proceed with the analysis of your target and we compare ourselves with you to decide the budget to invest.

Subsequently, our designers carefully design the graphic interface and give life to an optimal user experience for your users, through an attractive design that can make your application intuitive and pleasant to use.

Throughout the development we proceed with tests to prove their effectiveness, so that you can count on a working project that is constantly updated to the latest version of the operating system. Finally, we also take care of the launch of your app and its positioning in the Google Play Store , integrating the strategy with marketing actions.

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What characterizes our work is the fact of not offering customers “pre-packaged” solutions . We prefer to carefully evaluate each case in order to develop Android apps  in the best way .

We will help you focus on the app. Only once the objective that you intend to reach is identified can we move on to the next phase, namely the identification of the reference target and the amount to be invested. Before starting the actual development it will also be necessary to establish whether to offer the app for free or for a fee and whether to resort to advertising inserts.

Our working method involves the active participation of customers. Once you have contacted us, we will involve you in the different stages of development. In order to achieve the best results, we do not consider sufficient initial guidelines. While dealing directly with development, we always prefer to have a transparent approach with those who commission us for a job.

If you wish to participate actively in the development through your team, we will be happy to make it work in synergy with our work group, sharing goals, methods and timing. Alternatively, you can leave Web Digital Media Group with the entire development phase. In this case, we will start with a planning of activities, keeping you constantly informed through timely reporting and, if necessary, discussing possible revisions of the objectives together.

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