17 Ideas for Creating a Successful Corporate Blog

17 Ideas for Creating a Successful Corporate Blog

17 ideas for creating a successful corporate blog

A corporate blog is a great marketing and communication tool for many reasons, one of them optimization for search engines , of which you are probably already aware (if you are not, read this article on SEO ). But the first problems that companies encounter when they decide to open a blog are usually: where to start? What to write?

So, here are 17 ideas that you can use to create your business blog effectively, get more attention from your target and contribute to the success of your business :

  1. Show employees

Show employees


Share talented people in your office with the world. Let readers meet the people behind the scenes that make your business unique and special. By doing so, you will give a “human face” to your company, using a more friendly communication that your customers (acquired and potential) will appreciate.

  1. Write a list of FAQs

Get all the questions that come to you from customers about your business, products or services and put them on your blog. This is a fantastic evergreen content for your site, and it also saves you time when you have to answer the same questions multiple times (just put the link in an email).

  1. Give personalities to your company

Publish photos of your work and inspiration areas, the waiting room or the new coffee machine in the dining area, they will know something more about you and will have the opportunity to see you in action . Once again, people like to do business with real people.

  1. Take advantage of current events

George Page , an independent insurance agent, gave us a great example of this last year, when Hurricane Sandy devastated his city. He wrote a post with warnings about what to do to prepare for the event and sent it to all his customers 24 hours before the storm hit the city.

  1. Write “how to …”

Teach us something you can do.  Do not be afraid to divulge your secret sauce, people love to learn. The famous interior designer Laurel Bern  shows how she paints her upholstered furniture (a great success), I have seen countless web designers share their CSS code, etc. Let us know what you know.

  1. Publish interviews

Do you know someone your customers would like to know? Ask this person for an interview and publish his interview on your blog.

  1. Share what you see in the future of your industry

Have you been to conferences or are you familiar with new technologies coming to market? Let your customers know what they can expect from the future .

  1. Share your challenges

In every sector, customers would like something they do not have from producers. For example, I know the WordPress community is clamoring for the possibility of seeing subsequent updates in real time. Be spokesperson on your blog of the needs or hopes of your customers.

  1. Publish lists

Where to go, who to see, what to eat, what not to do, who to follow, where to shop, the tools you like, the products you love, etc. Users really appreciate the lists.

  1. Write about things that do not work

You can also write about things that do not work or avoid related to your industry (software, hardware, people, products, food, practices, etc.).

  1. Suggest people from whom you can learn something

Show who the real pioneers of your industry are, or the emerging talents. There are a lot of people out there who are doing awesome things.

  1. Publish e-books and white papers

Share things you’ve already created. A post like “Download your free e-Book on …” will be highly appreciated by users, and you can also use it as a marketing tool to get new e-mail contacts.

To learn more, read this article on lead generation techniques .

  1. Publish surveys

Set up a questionnaire to gather feedback on your business, market trends, favorite products or any other way to feel the pulse of your community . People love polls and read them willingly to inquire. To create surveys you can use a tool like SurveyMonkey.

  1. Position yourself as an opinion leader

Share your point of view and support your opinions vigorously. Not being afraid of being criticized , sometimes triggering a debate with a strong opinion on a controversial issue is the best way to get attention in an industry community.

  1. Show your favorite customers

You can interview your top clients and share their stories on your blog. If you have large customers, your company’s reputation will benefit a lot. If you have small customers, however, you will show that you keep a link with them and are close to your heart.

  1. Share poorly used or unfamiliar features of your products

People love to discover new uses for the things they already have. For example, posts like “101 ways to use baking soda” are far more popular than you might think.

  1. Write reviews

Writing the pros and cons of various products is a great way to get attention. If you are a wedding planner, for example you could review the different cards for the invitations and because some are better than others. Or, if you have a yoga center, what are the differences between yoga mats and why they are important.

In conclusion, creating a successful corporate blog can be a game-changer for your business. By consistently providing valuable and relevant content, you can establish yourself as an industry thought leader and build trust with your audience. Remember to set clear goals, define your target audience, and tailor your content accordingly. Engaging visuals, interactive elements, and guest contributions can also help to keep your blog fresh and engaging. By implementing these 17 ideas, you can increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and ultimately boost your bottom line. So don’t wait any longer – start building a successful corporate blog today!